Your Opportunity

You can start your own business for as little as £49.00 and receive £1,000 in free jewellery!


  • Start at 30% sales commission
  • All commissions are paid out weekly
  • Group bonuses earn you even more potential income!

Tools to Succeed

  • Personalized website for your customers to order directly from you
  • Mobile app for iPhone and Android
  • Online order entry system and analytics

Have Fun

  • Flexible hours that fit your family’s schedule
  • Earn free jewellery, breath-taking trips, or even a new car!
  • Parties give you a chance to make money and new friends

That's what's waiting for you at Park Lane. Go ahead, achieving your dreams has never been this easy to begin.

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Questions about getting started? 1-800-621-0088 or contact us

Your Starter Kit

Park Lane offers multiple kit options to meet your budget. Each kit contains a variety of on-trend jewellery samples and materials chosen with your immediate success in mind.

Kit choices for any budget




Includes instant personal website for life. £1,000 best selling jewellery and everything you need to get your business started will be sent to you when £600 in net sales have been submitted.

*Commission on your first £600 in net sales covers your kit cost.





STANDARD KIT £149 + £49 one time registration fee equals £198 total. Includes £1,000 best selling jewellery, everything you need to get your business started including an instant personal website for life!





Includes £119 of jewellery of your choice and instant personal website for 1 year!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we anwser some of the common questions new reps have when joining Park Lane

  • How much can I make with Park Lane?
    Personal Sale Commissions range between 30% and 50%! You'll also earn a percentage of the sales from those you introduce to Park Lane. Additionally, Park Lane offers contests/incentive programs where you can earn even more money. So, how MUCH you make is entirely up to you!
  • How do I get paid?
    Park Lane profits are paid weekly. Orders in by Monday... you get paid on Friday!
  • Are there monthly sales quotas?
    As a Park Lane Fashion Director there are no minimums or quotas. You'll get paid when you work. You control your schedule! Work the hours of your choice. When you choose to step up the ladder within Park Lane, there are minimum sales expectations for leaders. Leaders are asked to submit a minimum of 2 shows (or sponsor one new person) per month in order to receive payment on their team - that's all!
  • What does it cost to join?
    The current registration fee is only £49.00 By choosing the Starter Kit option, your kit will be paid for by commissions withheld from your first £600 in sales. For kit and web options, click the 'Kit Options' link above.
  • Is Park Lane Jewellery ever on sale?
    YES! With Park Lane's customer and hostess buying plans, our beautiful jewellery can be 40%-70% off or even FREE!
  • How can I earn a monthly car payment?
    With consistent sales and introducing others to Park Lane, you can earn a £500 - £700 bonus each and every month. Once you start your career, your Park Lane leader will help you formulate a business plan to earn every cash bonus that Park Lane offers!
  • What if I'm already in Direct Sales?
    When you have experience in the Direct Sales industry, Park Lane will recognize your past accomplishments and appoint you to a leadership level. Why start over when you have leadership experience?! With Park Lane's unique Direct Appoint program, you'll earn higher commissions and overrides immediately!
  • How do I join a local team?
    As soon as you let us know that you are interested in a career with Park Lane, we'll match you with a local team that can provide training, guidance and personal development.
  • Can I start my own team?
    YES! Are you a self-starting, take-charge type of person? Do you enjoy helping and mentoring others? Starting a team can be fulfilling and profitable at the same time. The power of promoting is in your hands. With Park Lane, you decide when to promote and how high you wish to go!
  • What are the top ten questions asked?
    Click here to check out this video for more information on joining Park Lane Jewellery!