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Your dream career

A business of your own, built on flexibility, started with-in minutes, there’s never been a better time to join and start earning!

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Become a Fashion Director

Fashion Director

A business of your own, built on flexibility, started with-in minutes. Starting your dream career is only minutes away.

Become a Fashion Director

The opportunity

All personal commissions, 30% up to 50%, are guaranteed to be paid-out weekly with no quotas to keep your position.

Fashion Director
30 - 32%
Bonus: Earn an extra 2% upon reaching £5,000 PV
Branch Director
Area Leader
40 - 50%
Bonus: Extra 10% commission with £2,500 PV & annual bonuses
Sales VP
45 - 50%
Bonus: Weekly group bonuses, weekly recruiting bonuses, monthly sales bonuses & more

Flexible Business

Your hours based around your life, with unlimited growth possibilities!


Cash Bonuses, recognition, dream vacations, free jewellery and more are just the start!

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Park Lane Benefits

Start-Up Kit Options


£1000 Value

Includes your website membership subscription

When a new Park Laner purchases a Standard Kit, they’ll earn commission on their very first sales submitted!

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Finance Option

£1000 Value
only £49.00*

Includes your website membership subscription

*After paying the downpayment of only £49.00, commission will be withheld on the first £600 net sales to pay for the balance of the Standard Kit.

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All Kits Include

  • Jewellery
  • Logo Tote Bag
  • Jewellery Rollers
  • Tablecloth
  • Personal Website
  • Catalogs
  • Order Blanks
  • Business Supplies

Website membership includes

  • Online Order Submission
  • Online Invitations
  • Park Lane Email Address
  • Customer Shopping 24/7
  • Jewellery Rollers
  • Order Blanks
  • Link Multiple Orders to Shows
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Park Lane Stories

  • “Being an entrepreneur with Park Lane Jewellery has given me extra money to pay off student loans!” - Michelle G., Park Lane Stylist
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  • “Park Lane offers a diverse collection that fits every style...” - Ashley M., Park Lane Stylist
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  • “Park Lane has helped me give back to my community with fundraisers & events!” - Ashley M., Park Lane Stylist
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  • How many shows should I schedule?

    The average Fashion Director joins our company wanting to do 2 shows a week. You decide how many shows you do weekly based on your income goal and your family's schedule. We like to focus on 5 &1. This is 5 shows a month and 1 recruit. This simple formula sets you up to earn every thing Park Lane has to offer!

  • How much can I earn?

    Your income potential is endless. You decide how much you want to make! You can also earn additional income from our fabulous leadership program.

  • How often am I paid?

    One of the great perks of Park Lane Jewellery is being paid weekly! With Park Lane’s Direct Deposit option, you can receive an electronic deposit each and every week!

  • How do I keep my business going?

    Aim for 3 dated bookings (shows) obtained at each of your parties... one booking to replace that show and two more to grow. So, with your first 5 parties you can potentially book 15 more!

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