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About Sarah Heron

I`m delighted you`ve found my page.
So a little about me! I am an ex Primary School teacher who had always had a dream of being self employed. When I reached an age and stage in life where I hit a crossroads a couple of years ago,I decided it was `now or never` and I remain passionate about encouraging all women (and men)that`s its never too late or you`re never too old to follow your dreams or reinvent yourself!
I am a single mum to two young men and am currently experiencing huge `empty nest` emotions! My boys are and always have been my world. They are my `why`.
Having changed career direction I can honestly say I`ve never been happier. I love what I do! It certainly doesn`t ever feel like work!
I`ve never had much time (or money) for many hobbies but am now trying to work on my self care which often involves a glass of fizz or a gin or two!

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